New flavors page. Check out the rebel on the two wheels . . .


Slooowly but surely getting back into the swing of it.



This was a pleasure. Below rough sketchies.


Maybe I’ll post the splash page sometime soon.

My co-worker Chris Minzz hit me up for a few bizarre-o designs for a Justin Kalk music video he is doing. Loved this project because it meant I got to let my imagination run wild! It’s not every day you get to draw yam/crab/eel hybrids and organ grinder torture racks.  Check out The Docs work here!

Some character concepts I did for a show a friend was putting together with Chuck Gammage. Unfortunately after a few rounds Teletoon passed on it.

Oh well, it was sooooooo much fun to do and I can at least post it now!

Although I don’t draw for ham sandwiches I sure will for modern furniture! My friend Arden-a carpenter, traded me a custom made coffee table for a poster advertising the improv night he hosts. Sweet deal! Well, almost anyways. Try lugging this thing back to Union Station by TTC all the way from the Danforth! F.Y.I. I’m too cheap to pay cab fare but what an adventure. I’ll extrapolate another day when I’m in more of a writing mood.

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